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 Welcome to Torch Learning Programs
 At Torch Learning Programs we provide workshops for parents, teens, families and corporations.  The workshops fuse more than twenty five years of success in executive and youth coaching.

We provide tools and training for:

  • Corporations to access their talent pool and see them succeed as an effective team 
  • Parents to act as positive, effective coaches in their children's lives 
  • Teens to gain confidence, adopt accountability, gain leadership skills and achieve greater results in their lives 
  • Families to learn to support each other in ways that elevate their lives

Torch Academy
In the teen leadership program Torch Academy, students will experience an enhanced ability to Trust and be Trustworthy, increase in Self Confidence, improved Problem Solving Skills, Mature Social Skills, Enhanced Communication Skills, Organization and Time Management.  The workshop provides teens with the tools they need to be Self Motivated and to take a Leadership position in their community (school, family, etc.) and to possess Self Directed Motivation.  Upon graduation, students may come back and staff, where they can apply their skills and participate in the Torch Academy as a mentor/coach to others. 

 You can fill out our online registration form by CLICKING HERE.

The Torch Program
The adult version of the Torch Academy, the first step starts you on the journey of discovery to uncover your own personal roadblocks in life. It is all about you in Step One, how you see the world, why you see it the way you do, all of your "I know that" beliefs and how they either work for or against your dreams!

The Step One schedule is Wednesday, Thursday, Friday evening from 6:30pm until approximately midnight, Saturday from 11:00am till approximately 11:00pm, and Sunday from 10:00am until 7:30 pm graduation celebration (Invite your friends and family, you'll be glad you did). 

 You can sign up online for this program by clicking here.

Step Two 
Literally a once in a lifetime experience; you can take a free refresher in Step One every year if you like; however, Step two  is a once in a lifetime experience!

In this "Breakthrough" course you will not only see what you have been missing, you will begin to practice living as the most powerful you. This course challenges every thing that you have been holding on to, that has held you back. It is the action course that starts the moment you enter the room; there is no warming up! The Step Two schedule is Wednesday, Thursday + Friday, Noon to midnight, Saturday 10:00am till approximately Midnight, Sunday 10:00am till 6:30pm graduation celebration(another opportunity to bring friends and family).  

You can sign up online for this program by clicking here.

 Step Three 
90 days of you working on your personal goals, specific and time oriented. The core of Step Three is your own Letter of Accomplishment or "LOA". That is your template for what you will accomplish. Start a new career, start a new business, re-invent your marriage, re-invent how you are a parent, go back to school, whatever you desire, you, your teammates and your coaches work together so that each member of the Step Three Team accomplishes their "LOA". This program is also about being in contribution. Members of the Step Three Team  are responsible to create their own community service project that demonstrates  commitment to a better world.

Over the Edge Weekend, for many, the most powerful part of Step Three. You and your your Step Three team will participate in a High Impact, Team Building Experience, on an outdoor challenge course 

You can sign up online for this program by clicking here.




Upcoming Events

The Torch Academy 

 and Life Skill program

Our next program date is to be announced

The program cost is $275.00 per student

Team discounts available  

The schedule is:

Wednesday  -  6pm Registration, 

7pm start - finish at approx 10:30pm

Thursday  -  6:30pm Start til approx 10:30pm

Friday  -  6:30pm  Start til approx 12am

Saturday -9:30am Start til approx 7pm    

Sunday - 9:30am Start til approx 4:30pm 

Graduation  begins at 3:30 pm

Location TBA

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